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11.05.2015: National Sandwich Week: Day 1, Bacon Butty

Ok guys, so this is a bit of a basic white loaf masterclass. If you don't come out with a beautiful fluffly loaf, then I will eat my jeggings. There cannot be anything better than a bacon butty. Is there? See the full recipe here

12.05.2015: National Sandwich Week Day 2, the inverse breakfast roll

  I created this recipe for Bread Week when I was on the Great British Bake Off. I was so excited about it, but alas, my tragic performance in week one meant I didn't get any further with it. Anyway, I couldn't let the breakfast loaf go unnoticed by the world. I love it, it's

02.04.2015: Mr E Bunny Pinata cake

I absolutely loved making this cake. It is the kind of thing that I love to do, something that both tastes phenomenal and looks great. There are full instructions online, the original article was written for Standard Issue Magazine, you can find it here 

17.03.2015: A very big house in the country – Iscoyd Park

Another article written for Standard Issue Magazine, this time a review of a phenomenal place in Shropshire, run and owned by a lovely bonkers family. I reviewed the accommodation and the food and I must say, it is amazing! Read the full article here 

23.01.2015: Burns Night Feast

This beautiful Burns Night Feast is not the healthiest of treats, but it is the heartiest. I love haggis, lamb and puff pastry, therefore, this three course dinner is perfect for me. If you too like a stodge fest, then wrap your cranachans (geddit?) around this. I wrote it for Standard Issue Magazine, so the