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31.12.2015: A Punch for Del Boy

Standard Issue asked me to make a punch for New Year's eve. I did just that, only I drank it all with my friend and got really really poorly the night before I was due to submit it. I managed to write the recipe the next morning for the magazine, though in immense pain. This

24.12.2014 Posh Crimbo Leftover pasties

These pasties are awesome. They are just perfect for a day in front of Boxing Day films, drinking beer and farting. I made this recipe for Standard Issue Magazine, you can see the full recipe and instructions hereĀ 

18.09.2014: Chocolate mousse tart with salted pecan penuche

This unbaked chocolate mousse tart is topped with lovely fudgey pecan penuche and is a great alternative to the Christmas Pudding, if you are still wanting a heavy dessert, but don't want the fruity booziness of traditional Christmas treats. I made this for Standard Issue Magazine, and you can find the full recipe and directions

12.12.2014 Christmas Pavlova

This pavlova looks and tastes wonderful. It is citrussy and sweet with a slight bitterness from the pomegranate. The pomegranate and lemon work really well together and the creative colouring will wow at the dinner table. It's a lighter alternative to a Christmas pudding and will cleanse the palate after all that heavy Christmas fayre.

19.04.2015: Long time, No see

    Well, it feels like I have been away for a long time. And I have I suppose, at least from my site and my blog. My beautiful pooch When I set it up last year, just before the first Bake Off episode, I had the full intention of writing a blog