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02.04.2015: Mr E Bunny Pinata cake

I absolutely loved making this cake. It is the kind of thing that I love to do, something that both tastes phenomenal and looks great. There are full instructions online, the original article was written for Standard Issue Magazine, you can find it here 

17.03.2015: A very big house in the country – Iscoyd Park

Another article written for Standard Issue Magazine, this time a review of a phenomenal place in Shropshire, run and owned by a lovely bonkers family. I reviewed the accommodation and the food and I must say, it is amazing! Read the full article here 

23.01.2015: Burns Night Feast

This beautiful Burns Night Feast is not the healthiest of treats, but it is the heartiest. I love haggis, lamb and puff pastry, therefore, this three course dinner is perfect for me. If you too like a stodge fest, then wrap your cranachans (geddit?) around this. I wrote it for Standard Issue Magazine, so the

31.12.2015: A Punch for Del Boy

Standard Issue asked me to make a punch for New Year's eve. I did just that, only I drank it all with my friend and got really really poorly the night before I was due to submit it. I managed to write the recipe the next morning for the magazine, though in immense pain. This

24.12.2014 Posh Crimbo Leftover pasties

These pasties are awesome. They are just perfect for a day in front of Boxing Day films, drinking beer and farting. I made this recipe for Standard Issue Magazine, you can see the full recipe and instructions here 

18.09.2014: Chocolate mousse tart with salted pecan penuche

This unbaked chocolate mousse tart is topped with lovely fudgey pecan penuche and is a great alternative to the Christmas Pudding, if you are still wanting a heavy dessert, but don't want the fruity booziness of traditional Christmas treats. I made this for Standard Issue Magazine, and you can find the full recipe and directions

12.12.2014 Christmas Pavlova

This pavlova looks and tastes wonderful. It is citrussy and sweet with a slight bitterness from the pomegranate. The pomegranate and lemon work really well together and the creative colouring will wow at the dinner table. It's a lighter alternative to a Christmas pudding and will cleanse the palate after all that heavy Christmas fayre.

11.12.2014 Claire’s Christmas Crackers

  These are a fantastic recipe for cream crackers to have with your Christmas cheese board. I made them for Standard Issue Magazine, but the original recipe I created for the Great British Bake Off. Unfortunately, I was binned off in the first week, so the crackers and biscuits I wanted to make in week