Birthday Cakes Altrincham

Birthday cakes in Altrincham from Bake Therapy for all types of birthdays. We create totally customised and uniquely created birthday cakes exactly how you want them with your own specifications and requests.

Bake Therapy have been providing birthday cakes in Altrincham for a number of years and can meet your requirements for a bespoke birthday cake Altrincham using the years of experience and renowned skills for creating birthday cakes in Altrincham.

Completely Bespoke Birthday Cakes Altrincham

We have a wide selection of previously made birthday cakes in Altrincham, each one different to the last as there is no catalogue of birthday cake designs at Bake Therapy, we simply believe that every cake should be created from scratch based on your own requirements.

Whether you are looking for a TV themed cake for a child’s birthday, like your child’s favourite TV character or their favourite football team; or whether it a special landmark wedding such as 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th and so on, we can create the perfect birthday cake in Altrincham.

To get a quote and discuss your requirements for a bespoke birthday cake in Altrincham contact us and we can give you all the details and answers you need to hear.


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